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Welcome to GB3CV

TX: 439.3625 - RX: 430.3625 with 67Hz CTCSS (NBW)

GB3CV is the local FM repeater

GB3CV repeater was Originally located at the old Marconi site in Binley which covered Coventry well for many years on-site, Unfortantly due to site demolition, GB3CV was forced to move many times over the last 15 years with many new keepers on hand to help keep it going.

Sitting on top of one of Coventry's tallest blocks of flats located right in the heart of Coventry City, GB3CV is now around 550ft ASL meaning it's coverage is beyond usable for all.

Remember GB3CV is a community repeater for all licensed Amateur Radio users, we also owe a big thank you to the new repeater keeper who is now hosting GB3CV at it's new site for free for us all.,

We have worked hard to bring the best usable repeater for Coventry and Warwickshire so please make sure you pop on and say hello wherever you are or even if you're passing through mobile or visiting.

We look forward to hearing you all on GB3CV.

Thank you

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