Welcome to GB3CV & GB7CV

GB3CV is the local FM repeater & GB7CV is the local DMR repeater for all amateur radio enthusiasts of Coventry and surrounding areas and of course anyone passing through.

Covering Coventry and its boundaries both GB3CV & GB7CV have been on the air for many years within Coventry.

GB3CV was Originally located at the old Marconi site in Binley which covered Coventry well for its period whilst at this site, Due to site demolition, GB3CV was forced to move many times with many new keepers.

GB7CV Has been a struggle for many years but we keep working on GB7CV and improving it as we go along, the improvements so far have made it usable now for everyone around the surrounding areas once again.

GB3CV since taken over has had a huge overhaul with new equipment better suited for the needs of the hobby which we are now doing for GB7CV also, we are always looking to make the experience better as we go along.

GB3CV runs SVX Link system a new form of Echolink back end.

GB7CV the local DMR repeater for Coventry runs on the Brandmiester Network, you can find more information on the dedicated page for GB7CV and GB3CV at the top of our page.

Thank you